Learning by walking in someone else’s shoes.

“If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Maybe at the very least, we learn a little more about the universe when we step outside our comfort zone, when we widen our circle. Better yet, to learn to give without expecting much in return, is a skill that all of us needs to cultivate. So any time one of my children is given an opportunity to work on empathy, I am happy to embrace it. Mr. M was given the opportunity to work at the Salvation Army. He thought he would try just one day – which turned into two, and then…well…he would honestly go everyday if he could!






Dear mom of multiple preemies…


Dear mom of multiple preemies…have you walked this road?

Dreading announcing to the world that you are having another Gift from God, because you know that you will be able to see them cringe at the thought of the extra burden your family is on the church and community, and then watching them try to act excited for you when you know they are thinking “will she be on bedrest again this time?”

Hearing the words “when is your due date?” and dreading repeating the long, drawn out answer, over and over again…and then having to tell another person why you go into labor so early.

Being asked if it is really safe for you to have another child…and inwardly cringing when you are told that maybe you should stop, because “who knows what could happen!?”, and thinking that you knew exactly Who Knows and that it is they who have gifted you with these children.

Being told how lucky you are not to have to get really big and be pregnant for so long…when you would be more than thankful to do just that, and carry the stretch marks to prove it.

Being told that you will be going on bed rest at 23 weeks and wondering how you are going to go on bed rest and look after 3 other children. Feeling panic.

Looking at the baby app on your phone, and breathing a sigh of relief for each week and growth milestone – because each one is so important to your growing baby who may emerge from the world desperately needing them.

Rejoicing in making it past week 29, and praying to make it to week 34, which is critical for lung development!

Sitting on pins and needles for each Braxton hicks…wondering “will it be tonight?” at week 24, and not being crazy – because it really could be.

Whirlwind visits to the hospital with your bags barely packed, because you didn’t have time. Lying on the bed watching the monitor and knowing that you have gone into labor too early – again – and that you are totally not ready for this – again.

Having 10 people in your labor and delivery room…no quiet lights, no peaceful music, but instead, panic. No walking around, because your baby needs to be monitored 24/7 – and no, they’re not being paranoid.

Not being able to hold your baby right away after delivery, or even see baby. Instead watching as two pediatricians and three nurses cluster around baby – and waiting to hear your baby cry longer than expected.

Holding your tiny, wee, fragile, precious bundle for the first time, being in awe of his perfect body. Desperately wanting to nurse him, but knowing that he needs to be monitored and watching as they take him away from you right away, down to the NICU. Again. And you die a little inside…but you are thankful that by God’s grace we live in a time when these small babies actually have a chance.

Having a shower, getting dressed, and walking down the looooong hallway to the NICU to go visit your baby. Again. Because this time is your fourth and you know this feeling, have done this journey far too many times.

Walking through the brightly painted Intensive Care Nursery doors – and being hit by a wave of familiar, overwhelming emotions. Feeling like a visitor to your own baby.

Walking up to the isolette. Meeting your nurse for the day. Listening, vaguely as she tells you how baby is doing. Staring in at the tiny body with all the wires and beeping. Knowing what this journey will be like but listening politely as she tells you.

Having to tear yourself away from your baby. Saying goodbye to your husband, as he is heading home to look after the children for the night and share photos of their baby brother with them since they cannot visit. Going back to your quiet room, without your baby and feeling like you are missing a part of you that was with you for so long. Sitting there alone.

Having to pump every 3 hours but not being able to feed your baby because they will give your baby formula until your milk comes in since your baby cannot afford to wait for your milk to come in. Feeling frustrated and helpless. Taking your little vial of colostrum down to the NICU at 3am because it’s all you can do.

Asking to be paged to feed your baby at 3 am and waking up at 6 am and realizing that no one came for you. Crying in your room alone. Determining to set your iPhone alarm next time. Drying your eyes and walking down to the NICU praying that you got there in time to feed your baby for the 6 am feed before someone else does.

Not being able to bring in visitors or even your own children to visit your baby because they keep passing around cold viruses. Listening to your small two year old ask where the baby is.

Sitting beside your baby’s bed watching the monitor constantly.  Watching for A’s and B’s.

Tests. Bruised little baby feet from so many tests.

Skin to skin time. Sitting behind a curtain holding your tiny, precious bundle until the very last minute – but worrying that by holding your baby for so long you might wear them out and they might not feed so well next time.

First time breastfeeding. Gavage tube feeding’s.

Weigh-ins. Rejoicing in grams.

Being discharged from the hospital without your baby. Driving home in tears.

After being discharged, coordinating with your nurse each day which feeds you will come in for. Driving like crazy back and forth to make the feeds. Not being able to find a parking spot and worrying that you will miss feeding your baby.  Never feeling so panicked about late eating in your life before! Resolving to put the NICU on speed dial and praying for a new parkade to be built.

9 am meetings with the Neonatal Team. Finding out about tests that were done on your baby that morning. Listening to them discuss your baby in pro’s and con’s. Talking about wether your baby had any A’s and B’s in the past day…talking about times during the day that your baby needed stimulation or oxygen. It never gets less scary with each time.

Counting the weeks and days that your baby has been in the NICU instead of the days and weeks old that they are. Measuring your baby’s age by corrected gestational.

Knowing what it means to coordinate “suck, swallow and breath” during feeding.

Tiny clothes that wouldn’t fit a doll. Having fun picking out outfits with your nurse for baby. Picking out little tiny outfits at Carter’s and being so excited to bring them in for your baby instead of them wearing the clothing from the NICU clothing drawer. Bringing your outfits in all washed and placing them under your baby’s cot…putting a sticker on the cot that says “I am wearing my own clothes, please save them” so that your nurses know to put them in the little bag hanging on the side for you to wash.

Your baby’s name and sign above their bed that a sweet nurse lovingly colored and made. Sticking up pictures drawn by your children for your baby, such sweet pictures, so full of love and hope for baby to come home.

First baby bath. Pre-warmed towels and clothing. Pretty much a spa bath. Your baby loses heat so fast though that it’s not just for comfort, instead it’s so that they won’t expend too much energy, and not gain weight or feed.

Knowing that your baby is close to going home, and feeling panic, because you won’t have the monitors to watch your baby anymore.

Taking the CPR test with your husband before baby goes home. Feeling panicked, praying that you will never have to use the techniques – but remembering the time that you did have to use it with your third preemie, and being thankful that you have been given the opportunity to refresh your memory. Promising yourself to paste the handout above your baby’s cot at home.

Being asked to bring your carseat in for the carseat test in preparation for going home. Worrying that baby will be too small to fit in the carseat. Worrying that he will not be able to breath properly in the carseat and fail the test like your second almost did.

Worrying about germs ALL the time. Germs from home. Germs from the shopping store. Worrying about RSV. Being warned about germs. Being told that your baby won’t be able to go home until everyone is healthy. Being upset and hurt that people are offended that you ask them to not come over with cold’s. Never mind the flu. Not not being able to send your family to church for weeks on end because you have been told that asking others to stay at home with a cold is an unnecessary burden on the church. Thankful for those that understand. Praying  for your baby and for peace of mind.
Praying for patience for those that are insensitive – because you know they cannot understand.

Thankful for those that offer you help and support. Sad that you are too emotional to accept the help.

Coming home with your baby, taking going home photo’s in the NICU. Saying goodbye to your nurses. Feeling sad to leave. Promising to visit again. Feeling SO thankful that you have a healthy baby to take home, and an amazing hospital and care system, though not perfect, but doing the best that it can for your babies health.

Being so thankful for all the amazing, loving nurses that looked after your baby. They were your babies second mommies for so many weeks!

Sitting at home feeding your baby for the first time and feeling amazingly over protective of your time with your baby, because you never got this time before.

Watching your baby breath at night. Staring at them looking for the rise and fall of their chest. Putting your finger in front of their nose to feel the breath. Waking your baby up because you cannot see them breathing. Crying because they startle and start to breath heavily again.

Thanking God for this amazing, incredible, gift of LOVE that gave me my four beautiful, wonderful miracle boys. I will love and cherish each on of them.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

The New Way to Teach Virtues! Awesome!

I don’t know about your kids…but some days I think to myself “my boys need to be sent to BOOTCAMP!”
Other days I sit in bliss and smile as little pumpkin share with monkey, and I feel super blessed. But more often than not it feels like all the teaching and training up our children goes in one ear and out the other, especially when they are little.
I’ve used many different resources to help teach the boys good manners, and the fruits of the spirit. But it’s always nice to have some more tools in your toolbox, right?! Besides that glass of wine that you are reaching for….yes, I see it!! 😉

I’ve been eyeing the We Choose Virtues program for a while now. My next in line for our schoolroom is Monkey, who is in preschool and four years old presently. He’s the one I’ve been thinking about using it for, especially since we’re starting kindergarten next year. But like all things I’ve been wanting to touch and feel it. I usually do that at our local convention in the spring. So I literally jumped at the chance to review one of their products when they offered it up on their Facebook page!

We Choose Virtues sells tools for families to teach their children good characters. We were given the Virtue Flashcard Game to try out with the family. You can check them out further here:



Upon opening the package that was sent to me, I noticed:

  • 13 Double-sided cardstock flash cards
  • High quality printing and graphics
  • Colorful and engaging and humorous for children
  • One virtue on the front with a character to go with it and help the child remember the virtue
  • Handy catchphrases on the back to help children remember the virtue, with a description of what the virtue means
  • Great size for carrying with you

I put the cards to use right away! We personally found that they were best used as little tools during the day. It is hard for us at present to use them as game cards since we only have the one child of age to play the games – and he is still a little bit young to understand how the games might work. Playing charades, etc…with the cards might be better for a child who is a bit older, possibly ages 5+.
But our four year old was quite able to see the cute little character on the front of the card – for example, Patience, and listen to me identify what character I was helping to engage him in.

I used the cards for both positive and negative behavior. I left them on the kitchen counter where they were easily accessible, and when Monkey was showing patience, for example, I brought the card out and rewarded him with praise based upon the insight the card gave. It was handy to have, because sometimes I can’t pull insightful thoughts right off the top of my head (especially after a long night with the new little peanut!). It also engages your child’s sight – they are looking at the cute picture on the card and are drawn to listen to you more directly. I kept it short and simple.

I also used the card for reinforcing good behavior when they showed negative behavior. I have always done this in the past, but the flash cards were a nice way after time outs to sit down quickly with the card and discuss more pointedly what Virtue we needed to work on, and what Monkey could have done differently next time.


They give you lots of other suggestions on their website and in the handy download that comes with it – this is just how we found that the cards worked best within our family. Have any of you used the whole We Choose Virtues system in your family? How did you incorporate the game? I found it was a handy little tool, and I was pleased with all the ideas and support they give with it!

We Choose Virtues was nice enough to give a promo if anyone is interested in trying out their products!

VIRTUE15 for 15% off anything in their store
AND a special Black Friday through Cyber Monday too! The promo code is HOLIDAY30 for 30% off anything in their store. Only one promo code per offer.

Disclaimer: We Choose Virtues gave me this set to review, but all the opinions related to it are my own, and are honest and true.

Cooking Classes: Cheesecake

Mr.M promised his support teacher that he would make cheesecake for her when she came for her home visit. I am pleased to report that we were true to our promise – a shock, really, considering how WILD it’s been around here! Thankfully, cheesecake really isn’t that onerous of a task. In fact, it’s quite easy! There are just a few things that you need to watch out for!

Here’s some pictures of us in action…and I’m sorry, but horribly, I forgot the final result photo! WHAT?! I know :*( Shame fills me!


Greasing the pan and making the graham cracker base.



Beating (but not overbeating!) the cream cheese.


Preparing the berry sauce!


Fresh, delicious berry sauce, so much better than from a can!








Squishy Baby Updates

I finally got down to uploading the various pictures I’ve taken of Max since he was in the NICU and came home…here are some of my favorites!


One of Max’s nurses made him his name sign, and Micah lovingly drew him a sunshine to keep him happy.


The day he came home…tubes, etc.. removed, he looks so much different and peaceful. ❤


Coming home! Daddy was sick…so no pictures of us with Max this time. Poor daddy! Max was soooo tiny in his little carseat. We had to buy a new one that fit him, just so we could take him home!


After my bath!


Tiny, tiny toes!

Family of Six! Wahoo!

Hi everyone! It’s taken me almost two weeks, but I think I have maybe five minutes (?!), give or take, to do an update.
Welcome to our newest, our little pumpkin, born at almost 34 weeks!
Stats? 4lbs 8oz, 17cm, an adorable little bundle of cuddles.

More pictures, and maybe a birth story if you can stomach it, to come later 😉


Trashy Art

My son Marcus is working with a really cool Immersive Technologies program with his online school called Quest Atlantis Remixed. It’s going pretty good, all things considered! The program is suited to the grade level and the Provincial Learning Outcomes.
This past week Marcus was given an out of game assignment to create a 2D or 3D piece of artwork using TRASH!

How cool is that?! I love artwork, so of course I got all hands on in this one. We got out loads of glue guns, scoured the house for trash (not too hard, really), and threw everything in a big box. Then we took our treasures upstairs to transform them. The boys spent over two hours creating their masterpieces. It was loads of fun 😀

Marcus named his “The Dark Knight”

Micah named his “SpongeBob”

DSC_0176 trashyart2 DSC_0182 DSC_0183

Cooking Lessons 101: Sushi

We’ve been adding cooking to our homeschool repertoire in an attempt to engage and excite our recently diagnosed ASD son. It is a wonderful way to engage him and sneak in “school”. And it’s a great way for me to get him out of his quiet space and spending some time with me as during down times he gravitates to spending most of his time in his room reading…not that that is wrong, but it’s good to do other things and broaden your horizons. There are so many fantastic life skills and educational opportunities with cooking, from math, to direction following, food safety and even the important skill of following through on a project.

Sushi was an interest of Mr.M’s…and it really worked on his ability to stay on task and yes…to finish what he starts. Because as anyone who has made sushi knows, it’s a bit time consuming!

Even scripture has a few things to say on finishing what we start…take this one for example!

“Now you should finish what you started. Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving. Give in proportion to what you have.” 2 Cor. 8:11 NLT

I purchased this fantastic “learning to make sushi” kit from Chapters. It had a really excellent DVD with it. We watched all the way up to the California Rolls section (which was what he wanted to make). It totally broadened our horizons on different kinds of sushi though, and actually made us consider trying some different types!

We needed some help improving our sushi rice, and this video REALLY fixed things. Both Marcus and I realized what we had been doing wrong, and were able to correct it:


We got our mixture of sushi rice vinegar from the book that was included, and the taste was perfect. Our rice turned out amazing and was super easy to work with!

Here are some pictures of our final results: All in all, we thought it was a complete success!


Firehall Fun!

I feel like this is not my first “kick at the can” with the Firehall tour. It seems that it will not be the last, either.

Fire hall tours are always so much fun for pre-schooler’s! So we did it, again.

This time was pretty darn good, I might add. They even suited up for the kiddo’s…they didn’t do that last time. And daddy got to join us, because it just so happens that he was working on computers at Fire Hall No.1 that day. And of course that was really exciting. And even more exciting was when they got called out for a call two minutes into the presentation. We got a tour of the retro fire trucks instead while we waited for the crew to come back.

Here’s some highlights from the event:






Date night with mom…complete with homemade pizza…

While daddy took Monkey out to the Monster X Tour for the evening, mommy and Mr.M and Muffin stayed home and rocked the house with an epic pizza party.
Mr.M has a strong desire to learn to cook – so I try to find time to encourage him. He says I never do, but I think we get to do it quite a bit…it’s just that he forgets that part 😉

Tonight we learned how to make pizza dough. And then of course baked it with our favourite toppings. It was SO much fun to share this experience with him, and he enjoyed every minute of it.


Setting up our ingredients in preparation!


Learning about the properties of yeast – it’s alive! – and what things it likes and doesn’t like.

Learning some terms like “proofing”


Kneading the dough – he really enjoyed this. I asked him if it felt nice and he said “it feels relaxing”. Yup. Love it 🙂


Mr.M’s pizza ready for the oven


Mom and Muffin’s pizza ready for the oven…can you tell we like olives?! 🙂



Mr.M’s masterpiece out of the oven all crispy and brown. Yum!