Our 2013-2014 Curriculum Plan


Our summer

It’s hard when you’ve just finished up an amazing summer like THIS to start thinking about serious things like say…home school curriculum! But who says it has to be completely serious?!

I for one am pretty excited about our new year. The major goals for this year were:

  • Have fun! (Crazy, right?!)
  • Go with the flow…if the boys show interest in something new and exciting, then I’m going to include that into our plans.
  • Throw it out if it isn’t working. (Especially in the area of Language Arts – something my oldest is struggling with right now).
  • Include lots of field trips and extra activities.
  • Stay active!
  • Include Monkey in a bit of Pre K work, so that he gets more one-on-one time with mommy, but only if he wants to.

2013-2014 Grade 4 Curriculum Plan

Math: Math U See Gamma

Language Arts: 
Spelling: All About Spelling (since it’s our first time we’re starting with Level 1 to see how we do)

Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind

Printing: http://www.drawyourworld.com/draw-write-now/

Writing: Jump In! A Workbook for the Reluctant Writer

Social Studies: For the first part of the year we will be using the Canadian Aboriginals Study resource kit from our support school library (I love these because they mail them out for free to us! Then we use the resources, and ship them back for free! So handy! I don’t always use everything that it comes with, but it’s nice to have it if we need it).
After we have completed our Aboriginals Study, we will be using the next kit for grade four that HCOS offers…the Canadian Explorers Unit Study. Mr.M is really excited about both of these – that boy is already well on his way to being a HUGE history buff just like his papa 😉 And I think it’s pretty cool that he is…because knowing your history can be so helpful in understanding God’s Word! We are thinking about maybe continuing with our work in Story of the World Vol.1 when we are not doing these two units to further his love in that kind of thing.

Last year's work from Story of the World.

Last year’s work from Story of the World.

We are going to be completing three smaller unit studies this year, they look like a lot of fun! We’ve already started the first one. All three of them are also ordered from the HCOS library:


Light and Sound

We tend to integrate this into our school day and life. However, Mr.M, Monkey, Muffin (sitting on my lap), and I are doing one daily Bible reading in the morning from the Book of Kings and discussing it in detail. We read each verse and I try to bring out some lessons. This way I don’t overwhelm Mr.M…I don’t think he’s *quite* ready for working through his own Bible devotion time yet. Maybe next year!

Fine Arts:

Music: We signed up for a really neat opportunity to join the public school at the Sagebrush Theatre. We won’t be directly going with them – but we will be able to see the shows that they get to. We don’t know what they are yet, but I’m excited about this one!

I’m thinking of doing a Famous Composers study too. Any suggestions or fun ones?

I’m also considering using Piano Lessons for Kids. It’s a YouTube resource for teaching piano lessons at home. This guy does an amazing job! We’ll test out a lesson next week with Mr.M and see how he does. I have my Grade 7 Royal Conservatory in piano so for me this is not such a stretch…you’d think, wouldn’t you? But honestly…I cannot teach piano. It’s NOT my forte 😛 I’ve tried. Big tears. Big stress. I just don’t have THAT much infinite patience. Music teachers posses it in bucket loads. Go music teachers!!
Art: SO excited about this one! Especially since Monkey will really enjoy doing this with us! (Can you tell I LOVE painting?!) Modern Master’s ebook with Video Curriculum by Deep Space Sparkle: I LOVE Deep Space Sparkle. Her website is AMAZING. She is AMAZING! It’s just well…AMAZING! Check it out! Go, go!!

Phys Ed: We’re going to be doing a lot of fun activities this year! Here’s just a few of them:
-power walk/bike ride every day (this is for mom…unless it snows, then I make Mr.M and Monkey walk).
-Mr.M is in rec soccer
-skiing with our home school group
swimming lessons
skating twice a week with our local home school group
-and mayyyybeee we will consider signing up for the YMCA membership. Did you ever check how many cool programs for kids they have?! It’s awesome! And they offer free childminding while mom goes and jogs away on the treadmill or enjoys a free yoga class. Plus, amazingly our family qualifies for a subsidy. Who would have thought?! Fun!

Anyways, that’s what we’re up to this year. It’s ALL subject to change, of course! 🙂 That’s the beauty of homeschooling!


2 thoughts on “Our 2013-2014 Curriculum Plan

    • Naomi says:

      Haha, yes, I think it wouldn’t be bad for the kids, lol! I am still thinking about it but if I do I would totally be up for coming to yoga with you, although I gotta admit, I’m no pro, haha!

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