Our First Day of School 2013

I’m pretty sure our first “official” day of school was even more fun because it was a week later than we usually start. Usually we start the same week as the public schools. Probably because it’s the way I’m wired, and even after 5 years of homeschooling I have a hard time thinking otherwise 😉
This year, I decided to go against tradition, and all my instincts, and start a week later. *gasp!* Mostly because the “back to school” week is just way too busy, filled with FUN! Things such as the “Not Back to School Picnic” and other events have made it too busy for me personally to start with a nice “bang.” I like everything organized and ready to go. Of course, it never works out exactly this way, but you know, we all have our hopes 😉

We have some fun traditions for the first day of school! They were chosen by Mr.M, and likely will adapt and change to suit Monkey’s needs as he becomes more involved.

Tradition #1: The boys get to pick what they want mom to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This year it was cinnamon buns and bacon and smoothies for breakfast, Kraft Dinner and veggie sticks for lunch, and make your own pizza night for dinner.


Tradition #2: After we have breakfast, the boys head downstairs where the basement has “magically” transformed into the night into their school area for the year! I always pile all their books on top. In each pile of books there is always a special surprise for them. This year I picked up some of the Smithsonian Kits from Costco to throw in. Mr.M scored the Rock and Gem Dig, and Monkey was excited to find the Volcano one in his pile. I know they don’t rate very good – but my boys LOVED them even though they’re a bit gimmicky.


All in all it was a fantastic day!!


Bible readings in the morning during breakfast.


Our home school “baby in training” and general trouble maker 😉


One thought on “Our First Day of School 2013

  1. Pam says:

    How interesting! The bible readings are great in the morning to get your mind right. It reminds me off all the fun things we did when home schooling. Like Grandpa Relf day. Which was a day off when the grandparents came! Enjoyed your blog

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