A Day at the Lil’ Monkey’s Treehouse Play and Discovery Center!

We finally did it!

cameraNaomi 410

A little while ago,  I finally broke down and  took my boys up to Lil’ Monkey’s Treehouse Play and Discovery Center. It has been up and running for a while now, and the boys have had their eye on it ever since we drove past on one of our rare times up that way.

It was a pretty rainy day, and I was feeling a bit housebound. I’ve kind of avoided going, mostly because for myself, it’s a bit expensive for just playing indoors. We tend to avoid expenses like that. But I happened to have a coupon I’d clipped from something, I forget where, and so I figured it would be a good time to put it to use. I know a lot of people have been wondering how it was – so here’s what we thought!

Right away when I got inside, I realized that I forgotten to make sure my boys were wearing socks.  The boys were wearing sandals at the time, and while they provide cleanly washed socks, I have a weird factor about that sort of thing. Socks for yourself too, no shoes for anyone allowed, which makes sense!

I really found the whole place to be nice and bright and clean. Everything looked tidy and smelled fresh. That’s a big deal for me – because as everyone knows, what kid doesn’t enjoy playing on the McDonald’s play area – and what parent can’t stand all the grease and grime?! It’s nasty, and not in an ocd way, just nasty, all around. I’ve seen kids pee right on the equipment, and no one cleans it up. Yuck! Right away I was struck by how this was a great compromise – since I don’t take the boys to McDonalds for playing there anymore, this might be the rare treat for them.

There are lots of places for caregivers to sit, which is nice. You can even have a tea or coffee while you watch the kids! They have sandwiches and small snacks too.  I ended up buying a pack of three cookies for a super reasonable price as a snack halfway through. I think it was around $1 ish for all three.

One thing that I loved was that there was a fun spot for everyone! All three of the boys enjoyed it, from 9 year old Mr.M, 3 year old Monkey, and 10 month old Muffin, and wore off a ton of energy in the process.

Monkey spent most of his time playing on the game floor, which is SO cool, basically a glowy projection onto the floor that plays games. It was no surprise that his favorite was the air hockey game. He basically boogied like crazy the whole time, it was so cute to watch.

cameraNaomi 411

cameraNaomi 412

Muffin enjoyed being in the jumper and practiced standing using the big blocks. I enjoyed that for once, he was contained!

cameraNaomi 414

And Mr.M raced around like a crazy person, made a whole bunch of friends for the day, and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

All in all I think we spent a couple hours there, and could have easily spent more if I hadn’t been so tired. It was a lot of fun! I think the only drawbacks for me are the price, and that it can get a bit wild in there – so you need to watch your little monkeys that are 4 and under to make sure they don’t get bowled over by the bigger children. It was a great rainy day excursion!


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