What happens when everything is quiet…(sometimes)

I sent the boys outside mid-day (as I usually do). Coats and snow-pants on. Mittens and hats. Boots. It’s actually getting easier now. They know the drill.

We went through quite a cold spell for a bit there. Usually I force them outside, cold or not, but I felt that at close to -25 ish it was a bit too much. We did other things like YouTube workout videos. Skating at the Brock Rec Center. But they always enjoy free play outside more. So I’m glad that the weather has warmed up a bit. It was beautiful today.

I really enjoy my time when they are playing outside. It’s so nice to be able to sit down for a cuppa and relax. Sometimes I actually throw in a load of laundry….or even more amazingly, I occasionally FOLD it. Yes folks, sometimes it get’s folded 😉

But, I digress.

It got very quiet. Usually the boys are outside for a minimum of an hour. That’s my rule. This time they were playing out there for over three hours. That’s honestly quite a lot for a chilly day! So I went outside to see if they were needing any hot chocolate or anything. Nope, they were fine. But they might like a glass of water. And…”Hey mom! Look at what we’re building! An igloo!” And they were! Cool!

I love it when I find my boys up to projects like this without any prompting for me, which I do often. THIS is real fun. THIS is being a kid.

Incidentally, we are studying the Inuit section of Canada’s Aboriginals in our studies right now. And to think I was going to ask them to build one out of marshmallows. What WAS I thinking?!


They’re halfway done…


Honestly it looked pretty hard to build, I will be very impressed if they manage to make it curve over and get a top on it.


Filling up the wheelbarrow with all the snow in the yard…;)


Love these beautiful faces…!



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