Brushing every day keeps the dentist away…

Well here’s some health and nutrition for you…
I know, how exciting!

The boys, however, were very excited, going to the dentist right now is FUN! (None of them have had to have fillings yet – can you tell?) And they really like the prize cupboard.



I’m not really sure how my eldest son felt about me taking pictures of his recent visit to the dentist, but he was a good sport about it, and completely cavity free again too! 🙂

This was little Monkey’s first visit. The hygienist was AMAZING. Honestly. She showed him how the chair goes up and down, and introduced all the tools just like he was in his very own “Handy Mandy” show. “Here’s Mr. Sucky! He has a VERY important job!” She really got my nervous little man interested in everything and feeling really comfortable. So kudos to them!




I feel Monkey should have been sooner, but the old dentist told us that they didn’t want to see him until he was three. This was their first visit to our new dentist, Dr.Forrest. She’s great, and would have seen the boys earlier. Monkey consequently seems to have some small “pits” in a few molars. Ugh. She says that it may not be cavities, but might be the start, or simply that he has naturally deep indents in his teeth. I certainly hope it’s the latter!



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