Some before Spring “escapades” from the Winter household!

It’s been kinda quiet around here, hasn’t it? I’ll admit…I often fail at blogging. I get busy, and then I just flop at night. I’m ok with that!

What have we been up to though? Oh…right. Quite a bit, actually!

Here’s some snippets from January up to present:


A trip to make a sweet hot rod at Home Depot!

Classic Monkey look. He works hard to be this cute.


Deep in thought….


Daddy in his element.


Yup, this is serious business!
I LOVE taking the boys to the Home Depot workshops! They’re so much fun and even better, they’re FREE!!! :O


We threw in a nice home dinner date, Trim Healthy Momma style! (Ok, maybe not Mr.Winter’s plate, but mine was, and it was delicious!)


Some photography skills from Monkey…I love finding these photos on my camera 😉


Some arctic animal habitat fun with Monkey. He’s trying out his cool handmade snow has sparkles in it! Who doesn’t LOVE sparkles I ask you!? No one, that’s right! Unless you have to clean them up….hehe


I love this little man so much. He has the sweetest most joyful personality.


We were very inquisitive this Winter…and we forgot everything but our diapers sometimes!


We ate popcorn and called it “school” during our study of Native Peoples of Canada!


And we relaxed. Muffin style.


We built some K’nex with mom. This one took HOURS. Really! But it was a lot of fun!


And we learned how to make a snowman out of snow! And spell snow. We had a lot of fun this Winter, but we’re sure glad for spring in this house!

Welcome, Spring! We’re glad to see you!!


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