Happy 4th Birthday Monkey!

I cannot believe that Monkey is already 4!!!
The years have flown by and I confess to shedding a few tears at that. He is the most fun, energetic, cheerful, smiley guy by a long shot! Our lives are made happier by this little redheaded snippet! 🙂

His little brother is right on his heels with that contagious, mischievous grin. I just love my boys 😉


Monkey is currently HUGE on dinosaurs right now, so it goes without saying that his theme was dinosaurs for the party. It was a pretty simple shindig, we just had fun and hung out, ate some snacks, and opened some presents. I LOVE easy parties! They are just as fun as the big ones, guys. And totally lessens your stress. But I DO love to make a big deal out of my boys too.
Here are some snapshots from the main event. And yes! Nana and papa were able to make it out, and they brought Uncle Dan and his new fiance Aunty Danielle with them! Double awesome!











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