Amazing, Awesome, Apples!

We’re informally starting the Letter of the Week pre-school curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love it and Monkey seems to love it too! No pressure, just if he feels like doing it, and it gives him something to do and feel “BIG” about while his bigger brother is working on school. We just call it fun 😉
It’s quite a bit, so I just printed out some of the stuff and put it together so we could start A this week. She very nicely offers the printables for it for free, or you can purchase it as a package and get a handy little schedule to follow. If it goes over well I might get that, I love her additions and books that she suggests, and the activities look super fun as well.

We started by watching a phonics song for the letter A on YouTube. Then we watched a Sesame Street video of the letter “A”. You can find it here. I honestly prefer to read some books, but we are short on those, so they are on my list of things to order or get from the library, but we’ll make do with this for now.

Then Monkey practiced forming the letter A with his fingers in a plastic bag filled with shaving cream. Sorry I forgot to take a photo. Next time! He really LOVED that and did great!

Then he picked some “A” activities from my pile.


Gotta wear a tiger suit! Too bad we didn’t have an alligator one…;)


The magnetic “apples” activity was a favorite. We counted the apples, and identified the “Big A” and the “little a”. I need to make some more “apples”…I ran out of magnets 😉 He didn’t really notice though.


We matched the “Big A” and the “little a” apples to the apple tree,  and counted all the apples (of course, right?!)


And who could guess…we finished up by eating an “amazing, awesome, artistically colored apple”. His expression says it all 🙂

There you have it folks, pre-school fun! With barely any effort at all!



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