End of Spring Spring Cleaning??!



That says it all, really.

At least for me when it comes to household chores 😉
The house has been under renovations ever since we moved in…and frankly? It shows.
No matter how many times I purge rooms, no matter how much I clean, we always seem to accumulate clutter and junk. Junk, junk, and more junk. I’ve had it! And no offense to the hubby – totally not his fault – but I’m SICK of renovations! But I’m thankful that we have a house, and that we are getting things accomplished, even if it seems slow 🙂
Before this baby comes, each and every room is getting a chuck. As in chuck it all out. I am being ruthless, evil! Watch out folks! The garbage bags are coming.
I don’t think I’m nesting yet…it’s only week 16. Right?!


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