EEEK! We are SO excited, SO surprised, and SO SO SO incredibly blessed to be expecting our 4th little one.

What’s with the weird due date? Well…I usually go into labor 2+ months early, so this time around we will be really watching things carefully. Pretty much strict bed rest from 20 weeks and on. That’s ok though, it’s all worth it.

Funny story.



…adorable but squishy ultrasound photo of our precious THUMB SUCKING cutie…seems a little crinkled, no?!
Mommy put the TWO ultrasound pictures on the kitchen table. Silly mommy. Tables are for small toddlers to climb on, yes?!
Right. So a few minutes later, Monkey is shrieking “MOMMY! MOMMY!!!! THE BABY PICTURES ARE WRECKED!!!” Uh oh. Yep, little Muffin climbed up on the table…and…squish, squash, squish….he crumpled the heat sensitive papers into a nice, tight wad. Totally destroyed the most adorable side profile of baby ever. Then in a panic, mommy, (forgetting said papers are heat sensitive, duh..), grabbed the iron, tears streaming down her face, and ironed the profile to a big hole in the middle. So if it wasn’t already gone, now it REALLY was. Yup.

The end of it is that Muffin was showing what he thought of losing his spot as adored and squooshable mommy’s baby. He forgets that all my babies will always be mommy’s babies 😉 See that little smirk? Yep, that’s Muffin to a T.


After a few tears, I got over it…ok…maybe more than a few 😛

PS. Did you notice the ultrasound tech put “HI FAMILY” next to our adorable munchkin on the photo? Yes, the sweet girl even let our WHOLE family come in and see their new sibling 🙂 The boys were in AWE. And me and Chris were too…but mostly because here that never happens. They almost always only let in daddy or one other person. So great 🙂




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