Apples, fall, and all things smelling of cinnamon…

Oh how I love the transition from summer to fall! Crisp, sunny mornings, trees turning from garden green to golden tinted yellows and rusty reds…the smell of smoke in the air and the promise of apple pies and cinnamon.

Monkey and I have this in common. He is purely enthralled with the prospect of fall. It brings his favorite fruit…apples. The leaves are turning colors…”amazing, mommy!” and it brings the promise of his most anticipated season…Winter. How can you not love this kid?!

He really enjoyed his little pre-school unit that we did on Apples. We read some books, and we colored some neat worksheets, but MOSTLY we ate apples, we dissected apples, and we baked with apples! I neglected to take photos of everything, but here is a snippet from some our fun times.

20140926_0009 20140926_0010 20140926_0011 20140926_0012 20140926_0013 20140926_0014 20140926_0015 20140926_0016 20140926_0017 20140926_0020 20140926_0021 20140926_0022

The highlight of the unit was that big brother joined in for the apple tasting event! We tried one of each kinds of the apples shown in the picture. We talked about differences in shape, texture, size, color, core, etc…and how they are all useful for different things such as eating, pie making, and so on. Mr.M was keen to participate since he LOVES cooking and this was very applicable. They worked so well together which is a rare joy to see 🙂

Monkey and I also dissected an apple. His favourite part was the amazing discovery of the seeds!! “There they are mom!!! I’m going to get them and count them!!!” He collected every one. His world is growing 🙂

Monkey took great pride in serving his very own apple crisp with everyone that HE had made on the last day with mommy. Mr.M thanked him for dessert and his little face beamed. Another rare moment. Another gift from God…these things to me are so special, they come in the middle of chaos…”Thanks buddy for the delicious dessert!” “You’re welcome!”. Love them.

We are highly anticipating our pumpkin unit…the smell of pumpkin pie is like nothing else! Enjoy the fall everyone, it is God’s gift of bounty and blessing in abundance, don’t you think?


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