Date night with mom…complete with homemade pizza…

While daddy took Monkey out to the Monster X Tour for the evening, mommy and Mr.M and Muffin stayed home and rocked the house with an epic pizza party.
Mr.M has a strong desire to learn to cook – so I try to find time to encourage him. He says I never do, but I think we get to do it quite a bit…it’s just that he forgets that part 😉

Tonight we learned how to make pizza dough. And then of course baked it with our favourite toppings. It was SO much fun to share this experience with him, and he enjoyed every minute of it.


Setting up our ingredients in preparation!


Learning about the properties of yeast – it’s alive! – and what things it likes and doesn’t like.

Learning some terms like “proofing”


Kneading the dough – he really enjoyed this. I asked him if it felt nice and he said “it feels relaxing”. Yup. Love it 🙂


Mr.M’s pizza ready for the oven


Mom and Muffin’s pizza ready for the oven…can you tell we like olives?! 🙂



Mr.M’s masterpiece out of the oven all crispy and brown. Yum!



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