Trashy Art

My son Marcus is working with a really cool Immersive Technologies program with his online school called Quest Atlantis Remixed. It’s going pretty good, all things considered! The program is suited to the grade level and the Provincial Learning Outcomes.
This past week Marcus was given an out of game assignment to create a 2D or 3D piece of artwork using TRASH!

How cool is that?! I love artwork, so of course I got all hands on in this one. We got out loads of glue guns, scoured the house for trash (not too hard, really), and threw everything in a big box. Then we took our treasures upstairs to transform them. The boys spent over two hours creating their masterpieces. It was loads of fun 😀

Marcus named his “The Dark Knight”

Micah named his “SpongeBob”

DSC_0176 trashyart2 DSC_0182 DSC_0183


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