Moments such as this…

A moment between two brothers ages and differences and worlds apart in their interests. Enjoying each other’s company. I do not get these very often with them, but they come in bursts. And your heart grows, because you hope and pray that one day, they will cherish each other’s company and be the VERY best of friends.


And this moment…a time to cherish and remember, time with nana to learn and grow. And make apple sauce with a seasoned cook 🙂



End of Spring Spring Cleaning??!



That says it all, really.

At least for me when it comes to household chores 😉
The house has been under renovations ever since we moved in…and frankly? It shows.
No matter how many times I purge rooms, no matter how much I clean, we always seem to accumulate clutter and junk. Junk, junk, and more junk. I’ve had it! And no offense to the hubby – totally not his fault – but I’m SICK of renovations! But I’m thankful that we have a house, and that we are getting things accomplished, even if it seems slow 🙂
Before this baby comes, each and every room is getting a chuck. As in chuck it all out. I am being ruthless, evil! Watch out folks! The garbage bags are coming.
I don’t think I’m nesting yet…it’s only week 16. Right?!