God’s faithfulness…

We’ve been casually working through some of the activities in the Summer Fun Calendar from thrivingfamily.ca. Especially on rainy days when we are limited in what we can do – and there have been a lot of those so far 😉

Here’s our first one –
We read from Joshua 4:1-7 together outside on the lawn. Did you know that God asked his people to collect stones to use as reminders of his faithfulness? We collected a stone each – and one for little baby bean too 😉 Then the boys painted their stone and we let them dry. We talked about ways that God has been faithful to us. The stones are sitting in front of our door now so that every time we pass by them we can remember God and his blessings! The boys loved this 🙂 I wish I had thought ahead though – the paint is starting to crack, I think we needed waterproof paint with all the rain we’ve had 😡