Meal Planning


Meal planning is something that really get’s me exited. I know it’s not for everyone…but I honestly can’t understand how.

When I first started planning our meals…probably 3-4 years ago (when things started to get really busy, and money was tighter than ever), I knew that I was going to give it a try for a few months at least, and if it didn’t work, then I would stop. Now, many years later, on the weeks when I have failed to plan our meals, I really regret it. There have been many changes and revisions to the way we do things, some more elaborate than others, but in the end, all that mattered was that I had something to go on.

Recently with the advent of a new baby on the horizon any day now, I’ve been making very simple meal plans for my husband in case he has to take over the cooking. It consists of a list of 10 breakfast meals, 10 lunch meals, and 10 dinner meals, in no particular order. Choose one, use it, and cross it off. And I actually LOVE this one, because some days, I really don’t feel like what I thought I would two weeks previous šŸ˜‰

I encourage you to give meal planning a try! We find that it has probably saved us hundreds of dollars each month in food bills, countless trips to the grocery store for missed items, and made our meals more healthy and well rounded. It is well loved by the kids, because they can look on the fridge and see what we are having for dinner without asking (yay!), and we never have to worry about a shopping list because I make one that goes along with our meals. It’s been a wonderful solution! I’ve tried everything from basic ground beef meal plans (cheap month!), to crockpot meal plans, to freezer meal plans…diet based meal plans…and even “clean out the freezer” meal plans. One things that stands out? Keep it simple!!!


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