Moments such as this…

A moment between two brothers ages and differences and worlds apart in their interests. Enjoying each other’s company. I do not get these very often with them, but they come in bursts. And your heart grows, because you hope and pray that one day, they will cherish each other’s company and be the VERY best of friends.


And this moment…a time to cherish and remember, time with nana to learn and grow. And make apple sauce with a seasoned cook 🙂



Apples, fall, and all things smelling of cinnamon…

Oh how I love the transition from summer to fall! Crisp, sunny mornings, trees turning from garden green to golden tinted yellows and rusty reds…the smell of smoke in the air and the promise of apple pies and cinnamon.

Monkey and I have this in common. He is purely enthralled with the prospect of fall. It brings his favorite fruit…apples. The leaves are turning colors…”amazing, mommy!” and it brings the promise of his most anticipated season…Winter. How can you not love this kid?!

He really enjoyed his little pre-school unit that we did on Apples. We read some books, and we colored some neat worksheets, but MOSTLY we ate apples, we dissected apples, and we baked with apples! I neglected to take photos of everything, but here is a snippet from some our fun times.

20140926_0009 20140926_0010 20140926_0011 20140926_0012 20140926_0013 20140926_0014 20140926_0015 20140926_0016 20140926_0017 20140926_0020 20140926_0021 20140926_0022

The highlight of the unit was that big brother joined in for the apple tasting event! We tried one of each kinds of the apples shown in the picture. We talked about differences in shape, texture, size, color, core, etc…and how they are all useful for different things such as eating, pie making, and so on. Mr.M was keen to participate since he LOVES cooking and this was very applicable. They worked so well together which is a rare joy to see 🙂

Monkey and I also dissected an apple. His favourite part was the amazing discovery of the seeds!! “There they are mom!!! I’m going to get them and count them!!!” He collected every one. His world is growing 🙂

Monkey took great pride in serving his very own apple crisp with everyone that HE had made on the last day with mommy. Mr.M thanked him for dessert and his little face beamed. Another rare moment. Another gift from God…these things to me are so special, they come in the middle of chaos…”Thanks buddy for the delicious dessert!” “You’re welcome!”. Love them.

We are highly anticipating our pumpkin unit…the smell of pumpkin pie is like nothing else! Enjoy the fall everyone, it is God’s gift of bounty and blessing in abundance, don’t you think?

God’s faithfulness…

We’ve been casually working through some of the activities in the Summer Fun Calendar from Especially on rainy days when we are limited in what we can do – and there have been a lot of those so far 😉

Here’s our first one –
We read from Joshua 4:1-7 together outside on the lawn. Did you know that God asked his people to collect stones to use as reminders of his faithfulness? We collected a stone each – and one for little baby bean too 😉 Then the boys painted their stone and we let them dry. We talked about ways that God has been faithful to us. The stones are sitting in front of our door now so that every time we pass by them we can remember God and his blessings! The boys loved this 🙂 I wish I had thought ahead though – the paint is starting to crack, I think we needed waterproof paint with all the rain we’ve had 😡

Camping with daddy!

Daddy took the older two boys camping this month with some friends of ours.  There was lots of wildlife to see and a beautiful lake with a bounty of frogs and birds. No fish though :O Usually this lake is full of fish, but after the boys fished for a while and caught nothing they were told that the ice had gone so deep this year that it killed all the fish and they had to re-stock it. Oh well 😉 Fishing is fun even if you don’t catch anything! Here is some highlights from the trip:








End of Spring Spring Cleaning??!



That says it all, really.

At least for me when it comes to household chores 😉
The house has been under renovations ever since we moved in…and frankly? It shows.
No matter how many times I purge rooms, no matter how much I clean, we always seem to accumulate clutter and junk. Junk, junk, and more junk. I’ve had it! And no offense to the hubby – totally not his fault – but I’m SICK of renovations! But I’m thankful that we have a house, and that we are getting things accomplished, even if it seems slow 🙂
Before this baby comes, each and every room is getting a chuck. As in chuck it all out. I am being ruthless, evil! Watch out folks! The garbage bags are coming.
I don’t think I’m nesting yet…it’s only week 16. Right?!



EEEK! We are SO excited, SO surprised, and SO SO SO incredibly blessed to be expecting our 4th little one.

What’s with the weird due date? Well…I usually go into labor 2+ months early, so this time around we will be really watching things carefully. Pretty much strict bed rest from 20 weeks and on. That’s ok though, it’s all worth it.

Funny story.



…adorable but squishy ultrasound photo of our precious THUMB SUCKING cutie…seems a little crinkled, no?!
Mommy put the TWO ultrasound pictures on the kitchen table. Silly mommy. Tables are for small toddlers to climb on, yes?!
Right. So a few minutes later, Monkey is shrieking “MOMMY! MOMMY!!!! THE BABY PICTURES ARE WRECKED!!!” Uh oh. Yep, little Muffin climbed up on the table…and…squish, squash, squish….he crumpled the heat sensitive papers into a nice, tight wad. Totally destroyed the most adorable side profile of baby ever. Then in a panic, mommy, (forgetting said papers are heat sensitive, duh..), grabbed the iron, tears streaming down her face, and ironed the profile to a big hole in the middle. So if it wasn’t already gone, now it REALLY was. Yup.

The end of it is that Muffin was showing what he thought of losing his spot as adored and squooshable mommy’s baby. He forgets that all my babies will always be mommy’s babies 😉 See that little smirk? Yep, that’s Muffin to a T.


After a few tears, I got over it…ok…maybe more than a few 😛

PS. Did you notice the ultrasound tech put “HI FAMILY” next to our adorable munchkin on the photo? Yes, the sweet girl even let our WHOLE family come in and see their new sibling 🙂 The boys were in AWE. And me and Chris were too…but mostly because here that never happens. They almost always only let in daddy or one other person. So great 🙂



Amazing, Awesome, Apples!

We’re informally starting the Letter of the Week pre-school curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love it and Monkey seems to love it too! No pressure, just if he feels like doing it, and it gives him something to do and feel “BIG” about while his bigger brother is working on school. We just call it fun 😉
It’s quite a bit, so I just printed out some of the stuff and put it together so we could start A this week. She very nicely offers the printables for it for free, or you can purchase it as a package and get a handy little schedule to follow. If it goes over well I might get that, I love her additions and books that she suggests, and the activities look super fun as well.

We started by watching a phonics song for the letter A on YouTube. Then we watched a Sesame Street video of the letter “A”. You can find it here. I honestly prefer to read some books, but we are short on those, so they are on my list of things to order or get from the library, but we’ll make do with this for now.

Then Monkey practiced forming the letter A with his fingers in a plastic bag filled with shaving cream. Sorry I forgot to take a photo. Next time! He really LOVED that and did great!

Then he picked some “A” activities from my pile.


Gotta wear a tiger suit! Too bad we didn’t have an alligator one…;)


The magnetic “apples” activity was a favorite. We counted the apples, and identified the “Big A” and the “little a”. I need to make some more “apples”…I ran out of magnets 😉 He didn’t really notice though.


We matched the “Big A” and the “little a” apples to the apple tree,  and counted all the apples (of course, right?!)


And who could guess…we finished up by eating an “amazing, awesome, artistically colored apple”. His expression says it all 🙂

There you have it folks, pre-school fun! With barely any effort at all!


Happy 4th Birthday Monkey!

I cannot believe that Monkey is already 4!!!
The years have flown by and I confess to shedding a few tears at that. He is the most fun, energetic, cheerful, smiley guy by a long shot! Our lives are made happier by this little redheaded snippet! 🙂

His little brother is right on his heels with that contagious, mischievous grin. I just love my boys 😉


Monkey is currently HUGE on dinosaurs right now, so it goes without saying that his theme was dinosaurs for the party. It was a pretty simple shindig, we just had fun and hung out, ate some snacks, and opened some presents. I LOVE easy parties! They are just as fun as the big ones, guys. And totally lessens your stress. But I DO love to make a big deal out of my boys too.
Here are some snapshots from the main event. And yes! Nana and papa were able to make it out, and they brought Uncle Dan and his new fiance Aunty Danielle with them! Double awesome!










Some before Spring “escapades” from the Winter household!

It’s been kinda quiet around here, hasn’t it? I’ll admit…I often fail at blogging. I get busy, and then I just flop at night. I’m ok with that!

What have we been up to though? Oh…right. Quite a bit, actually!

Here’s some snippets from January up to present:


A trip to make a sweet hot rod at Home Depot!

Classic Monkey look. He works hard to be this cute.


Deep in thought….


Daddy in his element.


Yup, this is serious business!
I LOVE taking the boys to the Home Depot workshops! They’re so much fun and even better, they’re FREE!!! :O


We threw in a nice home dinner date, Trim Healthy Momma style! (Ok, maybe not Mr.Winter’s plate, but mine was, and it was delicious!)


Some photography skills from Monkey…I love finding these photos on my camera 😉


Some arctic animal habitat fun with Monkey. He’s trying out his cool handmade snow has sparkles in it! Who doesn’t LOVE sparkles I ask you!? No one, that’s right! Unless you have to clean them up….hehe


I love this little man so much. He has the sweetest most joyful personality.


We were very inquisitive this Winter…and we forgot everything but our diapers sometimes!


We ate popcorn and called it “school” during our study of Native Peoples of Canada!


And we relaxed. Muffin style.


We built some K’nex with mom. This one took HOURS. Really! But it was a lot of fun!


And we learned how to make a snowman out of snow! And spell snow. We had a lot of fun this Winter, but we’re sure glad for spring in this house!

Welcome, Spring! We’re glad to see you!!